The Book Of Pirates


A Guide to Plundering, Pillaging and Other Pursuits



From the creative minds of Jamaica Rose and Captain Michael MacLeod comes the definitive guide to all things Piratical 

                      Ahoy Matey!


Book of Pirates is the ultimate guide to pillaging fun


On this here ship, we follow the pirate’s code: No frolikin’ in the bilges, no songs about scurvy, and most important, each buccaneer must keep his pistol ready for action at all times. Break the code, me bucko, and you’ll be forced to walk the plank.


The Book of Pirates is a treasure trove of fun and factual pirating information. Did you know, for example, that instead of blowing holes into the side of an enemy ship, a better strategy was to destroy the mast and rigging? That way the enemy ship could be quickly overtaken. Once the mast and rigging were destroyed, the ship being attacked could no longer be controlled easily, which made it difficult to escape the crafty pirates.


From the authors who provided expert commentary for movies such as Princess Bride and True Pirates of the Caribbean, comes a new book exploring the many aspects of being a pirate. With 125 illustrations, The Book of Pirates by Jamaica Rose and Captain Michael MacLeod (Gibbs Smith, $12.99, Jacketless HC, ISBN: 978-1-4236-0670-3, August 2010) is a fun book sure to please many-a-pillaging audience.


In this all-inclusive plundering and pillaging guide, The Book of Pirates combines history with activities and teaches the fine art of being a pirate. Discover their history as well as the myths and legends surrounding piracy. Learn how to create a pirate name, put together a pirate outfit, and become “piratically” fashionable. From creating treasure maps to talking in pirate slang, adventure is just a page turn away.   


Jamaica Rose, aka Christine Markel Lampe, was “kidnapped” by pirates in 1988 when a friend invited her on a pirate cruise where she met her husband Captain Michael MacLeod aka Michael Lampe. They publish No Quarter Given, a magazine focused on all things pirate. Captain Michael and Jamaica Rose often appear in their true piratical personas at faires and festivals nationwide. They live in Riverside, Calif.